American College of Clinical Pharmacy


Cardiology PRN Student/Trainee Travel Award to ACCP Annual Meeting

Cardiology PRN

Student/Trainee Travel Award


The Cardiology PRN will award two travel grants in the amount of $500 each to partially support the costs associated with travel and attendance for one full-time student pharmacist pursuing his or her doctorate of pharmacy degree and one post-graduate trainee with an interest or focus in cardiology (i.e., residency, fellowship, or PhD program) who is still in training or has completed training within the past 6 months for the ACCP Annual Meeting.

Number of Awards Offered


Amount of Each Award



Candidates must be current members of ACCP who are either:

  • Full-time pharmacy students pursuing their doctor of pharmacy degree or,

  • Post-graduate trainees currently in training, or have completed training within the past 6 months, in a residency, fellowship, or Ph.D. program.

Application Requirements

Each applicant may submit only one application in consideration for this award. Please submit a current CV, two letters of reference, and a one-page letter of intent to state your interest in cardiology (or the Cardiology PRN) and reasons for attending the ACCP Annual Meeting.  All application materials should be submitted via email to Dr. Genevieve Hale.  A selection committee organized by the current chair of the Cardiology PRN’s Student and Resident Committee will select award recipients. Those awarded a StuNet travel award will not be eligible for a Cardiology PRN award.  

Deadline for Application Submission

July 1, 2017

Announcement of Awardees

August 15, 2017

Questions/Applications to:

Genevieve Hale, Pharm.D., BCPS