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Have a listserv question? Submit it to the PRN Twitter! As a part of the Social Media and Communication Committee’s attempt at creating meaningful new content, we are writing to make you aware of a new opportunity to collaborate with members of the PRN. A new process will be rolled out where questions that would previously be posed to the PRN listserv can now be posted on the ACCP Cardiology PRN twitter page, to elicit response and discussion from the PRN’s many followers. This is an optional way of allowing your cardiology-related question to reach a broader audience while offering fellow PRN members, who might have a similar question, transparency to gain knowledge from the response.

If you have a question for the ACCP Cardiology PRN listserv that you would like posted to our Twitter page, please fill out the following google form. Your institution’s specific policies and procedures will remain confidential, unless otherwise specified in the google form response. A member of the Social Media and Communication Committee will follow up with you regarding the details of your question.
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